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Our unique ability to measure perceptions across open-source data empowers our clients to unlock quantifiable, accurate insights that enable real-time action.

Seamless Workflow Integration

We apply unique, patented neuroscience-based algorithms across massive quantities of open-source intelligence to provide situational awareness, forecast future outcomes, influence these outcomes and measure the effectiveness of those initiatives

How It Works


We collect external data to help you make strategic decisions.

We collect data from everywhere-social channels, media sources, scientific journals, search trends and more, so we can give you a real-time view of what is influencing consumer perceptions, beliefs and actions.


We dig deep, so you don't have to.

Our patented, AI-driven algorithms measure consumer trust, brand perception, behavioral drivers, and more to help you understand where the market is now, and where it’s going next.


See the outcome of your decisions before you make them.

We look beyond numbers, buying patterns, likes and dislikes to study the behaviors that drive the market so we can see where it’s going next. This allows us to forecast how consumers will react to shifts and changes in your business.

Sample Use Cases

We combine AI, data, and decision sciences to provide fast, fact-based detection and prediction of risks, trends, and opportunities.