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Improving the Effectiveness of Global Marketing
& Communications Campaigns

The Challenge:

A leading U.S.-based automotive manufacturing client needed to implement a robust media measurement solution on a global scale. With so many business units across the world generating reports from different tools and using diverse analytical measures, they lacked consistency and uniformity across all their corporate communications reporting. The client wanted one solution that could support its enterprise needs globally.


We engineered a comprehensive global media monitoring platform that covered emerging issues impacting the company, its primary competitors, and the automotive industry at large. To support the global reporting teams and category managers, data was collected in over 20 languages and translated into English. Further, all data was mapped to correspond with 600+ automotive manufacturers, vehicle makes, and models. Each collected article was tagged with evolve24’s proprietary analytical metadata, including the sentiment of each manufacturer, vehicle make and model, sentiment by discussion topic, overall article sentiment, reputation contribution, and emotional contribution. All metadata and analytical outputs were made available to each of the 50 licensed platform users in near real-time to support their respective reporting and crisis management needs.


Using the evolve24 platform, the client was able to standardize all corporate communications reporting across the U.S., Asia Pacific, Middle East/Africa, and European regions. For the first time, the client was able to measure its performance using a common set of data analytics, putting trust and uniformity back into its global reporting process. All team members with access to the platform were able to measure and assess the impact of their communications programs, provide insight into relevant issues, brands, and models around the world, and obtain global competitive intelligence.