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Helping companies execute data-driven strategic campaigns that capture headlines and influence the conversation to generate real ROI.

Real-Time Analytics. Cutting-Edge Insights.

InsightEdge offers companies the ability to monitor media coverage and social media conversations surrounding their brand in real-time. The company’s proprietary discovery tools, emotion detection algorithms, and opinion metrics accurately weigh the impact of corporate strategic branding campaigns. The solution can also accurately anticipate reputational risks before they impact a company’s bottom line.

Impressive Predictive Capabilities

InsightEdge uses evolve24’s proprietary AI-driven analytics platform to assess the emotional weight and potential influence of proposed communications campaigns before they launch. The ability to accurately project the success of strategic communications and public relations campaigns enables our clients to pivot and adjust their messaging to maximize impact, improve ROI, and mitigate unforeseen reputational risks.

Insightful Visualization Tools

InsightEdge is continuously monitoring a client’s brand in real-time, across online, mainstream, and social media. Its intuitive dashboards and centralized platform provides our clients a clear picture of all earned media coverage captured across dozens of languages from around the world.

Intelligent Interactive Dashboards

InsightEdge quickly identifies what is most important and impactful to client reputation so its users can focus their time, attention, and budgets where it will add the most value.

Innovative Analytics

Our patented and proprietary metrics include an automatic topic discovery tool; an emotion metric that identifies specific ideas that will change behaviors; a “fastest growing” methodology that allows us to identify and track emerging conversations; an opinion metric that wights brand performance; and a weighted trust metric.

Our proprietary algorithms and methodologies ensure strategic decisions and insights are founded upon trusted data that provides the deepest insights.