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Data  Streams

Our AI-driven platform collects and ingests raw data streams from news websites, blogs, web forums, and global social media platforms around the world.

Identifying Key Data Points in All Forms & Forums

We work closely with our customers to automate the collection and conditioning of large data sets using our trusted libraries of entities, topics, and key terms. Customized data conditioning is also available to further enhance our platform’s monitoring capabilities, ensuring all reports and findings align with the client’s specific and unique business needs.

Providing Premier Access to a Robust Catalog of Data Streams for Powerful Insights

InsightEdge ingests data from over 2.6 million unique publications per day that generate more than four million unique articles. To ensure a successful project implementation, evolve24 provides top-quality data to support each client’s unique measurement, reporting, and analytical initiatives, including access to 10k+ premier licensed data sources, both domestically and internationally.

  • Social Media
  • Print Media
  • Online News
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • TV/Radio Transcripts
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Company Websites
  • Internal Sources

Deleting False Positives

evolve24 ensures only relevant, project-related data is made available within its InsightEdge platforms and/or delivered to the client within its Data API Feed. The evolve24 data cleansing process improves data quality by removing all outdated, incorrect, incomplete, or irrelevant information, leaving the team with only the highest quality information available.

Delivering Clean, Actionable Data

  • Reducing manual data cleaning and manipulation.
  • Improving reliability from insights in metadata tagging and scoring of the data.
  • Indexing data and optimizing it for searchability, including the tagging of resources by publication country location and identified language.
  • Providing access to desirable data, including resources behind paywalls.
  • Driving innovation to support forward thinking.