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What We Do

We collect and analyze millions of conversations from social media, traditional media and emerging media sources to answer your toughest questions.

  • We work with you to understand your questions and what you’re trying to accomplish.

  • Then, we collect the right combination of data to answer your questions and use advanced analytics to remove bias and gain insight into what’s really going on.

  • From there, we dig deeper to get answers that help you make confident business decisions.

    > Connect with your target audiences

    > Execute more effective campaigns

    > Launch new products and services with confidence

    > Manage corporate or brand reputation

    > Navigate corporate risks

  • There’s no shortage of data.
    Are you collecting the right combination?

    Each of us is creating a rich digital footprint — with our purchase patterns, community involvement, participation on social media and growing obsession with the Internet of Things. The value of all this ‘Big Data’ comes from understanding what it actually tells you, and what it can do for your business.


    The right combination of data — preferably A LOT of it


    Advanced analytics designed to derive value from huge data sets


    Bleeding-edge technology rooted in the hard sciences and backed by proven behavioral science principles

  • Ask about our Evolution Platform, Insights Dashboards and Industry Trend Reports

    We offer a variety of products and services designed to help you take appropriate action whether you need brand, industry or market intelligence.

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A Few Clients Using Our Insights

  • “The ability to identify emerging risks has saved our company billions of dollars. That’s with a ‘B.'”

    ~ Evolution Platform client

  • “The depth of industry knowledge and ability to anticipate our needs is why we trust evolve24. The level of insight is why we continue to succeed.”

    ~ Evolution Platform and Brand Insights client

  • “Not only can we monitor and improve our programs, but we get deeper audience understanding to really move the needle.”

    ~ Evolution Platform, Brand Insights and Big Data Application Services client