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Evolve24 Granted Continuation of Analytics Patent to Meet the Anticipatory Intelligence Needs of its Public and Private Sector Clients

St. Louis, MO – Advanced analytics solutions provider, evolve24, was granted a continuation of its patent for systems and methods for identifying issues in electronic documents by the US Patent and Trademark Office. U.S. Patent No. 10,885,088 represents the foundation of the company’s data collection solution. The company’s data scientists use its proprietary machine learning-enabled platform to sift through vast amounts of electronic data to find patterns, detect threats, and identify correlations making big data more intelligible.

“This patent enables us to automate the collection of vital data based on key terms and phrases, emerging organic concepts, or custom thresholds.”,” said Dr. Tony Hinrichs, evolve24’s Chief Data Scientist. “Our platform is continuously scanning unstructured, structured, and semi-structured datasets to identify real threats in real-time.”

“Our data scientists leverage our solutions to automate the processing of countless data streams and deliver boundless insights for our customers,” said Amber Kodish, evolve24’s CEO. “Our people, processes, and proprietary solutions enable evolve24 to deliver real, actionable, anticipatory intelligence customized to address our clients’ interests and mission needs.”

About evolve24

At evolve24, we resolve our customers’ most complex challenges using advanced REAL data science and REAL ML-driven technologies to deliver key findings that anticipate, enlighten, and empower action in support of mission objectives. We leave the artificial intelligence buzzwords to our competitors and focus on REAL results. Learn why our people and our analytic solutions are the REAL deal at