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COVID-19 TOPx Showcase

Dovel Technologies, (in partnership with evolve24 and Symmetric Health Solutions) has been chosen to participate in the COVID-19 TOPx Solutions Showcase Final Event on Tuesday, May 25, 12 – 3 PM EDT. Dovel will be presenting its Patient Health Ecosystem Portal (PHEP) that provides clinicians and health organizations the ability to ingest, store, analyze and exchange health data.  The evolve24 team is excited to support Dovel’s efforts by providing insight into consumer reactions to the covid-19 vaccination efforts, its personal impacts, and perceptions toward each key vaccination manufacturer across the United States.

Hosted by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and U.S. Census Bureau, the “COVID-19 TOPx” technology sprint was developed to continue the momentum and further develop digital health tools to capture, harmonize, and securely transmit key data elements from at-anywhere COVID-19 diagnostic tests.

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