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Beyond the hype, AI will spark a marketing renaissance

It’s no longer a question of if, but rather how AI will have the biggest impact for marketers today. 

How should CMOs anticipate the impact of AI on their strategy?

According to Forrester, marketers’ use of AI will only continue to grow and mature in the next five to 10 years, freeing up teams to focus on their core activities: customer understanding, brand strategy, and brand experience. Forrester’s report Artificial Intelligence Will Spark a Real Marketing Renaissance: CMOs Have A New Partner On The Horizon” outlines what CMOs can look forward to in this next era of AI-enabled marketing, its real impact on marketing and the bottom line.

AI is not new.  Many marketers are already using more mature applications of AI, like programmatic ad buying, without even knowing it!  However, AI is rapidly opening up new marketing use cases that CMOs will need to anticipate and embrace to maintain their competitive advantage.  One key competitive advantage for CMOs is the ability to have a deeper understanding of their customers (and potential customers).  AI-driven algorithms can make sense massive amounts of unstructured and contextual data to help marketers connect with their customers by detecting and predicting their needs, emotions, and behaviors.  

Read the full Forrester report here.