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Brad Niemeyer

Director of Engineering

As the owner of evolve24’s entire tech stack, Brad Niemeyer is focused on building out the company’s highly scalable and flexible event-driven microservice architecture. He is dedicated to helping evolve24 reimagine what a modern data science pipeline and platform should look like. Over the past several years, he has been working closely with the company’s data scientists to dramatically enhance the data collection and processing capabilities of evolve24’s analytic platforms while integrating a sleek user interface and modern design to deliver real-time anticipatory intelligence that supports the missions of the company’s diverse set of clients.

Brad has more than 20 years of solution architect experience, having designed, implemented, and supported a diverse set of complex solutions throughout his career. He has served as a virtualization expert, standing up data centers and supporting the missions of the USDA and USTRANSCOM. He has also worked for companies within the U.S. industrial complex, internet service providers, and commercially focused small businesses.

Brad’s rock-star status within evolve24 also extends outside the office. For more than 10 years, he has played guitar in the band, “Mostly Harmless.”