Products & Services

In order to provide big data solutions, we offer a suite of products and services designed to give our customers confidence to make tough business decisions.

What We Offer:

product intelligence

Big Data Application Services

Quickly learn from experts how you can use big data to solve complex problems

Not everyone has the bandwidth or desire to learn the ins and outs of how to use big data, let alone how to do that efficiently and effectively. We have experts on staff to discuss your unique business challenges, the data you have already (plus the data you may need) and the problem you’re trying to solve.

Together we can create a data-driven strategy and comprehensive solution driven by insights plus provide a roadmap to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

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custom data research


Use big data to quickly understand “trending” conversations to get ahead or ward off risks

We’re all fascinated by stats, figures, charts and graphs. Understanding the world we live in, how people interpret and react, and levers we can pull to empower desired behaviors all start and end with research and measures of success.

We offer big data research, where the insights and conclusions we provide come from a more comprehensive view of the data and information now available.

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Portals, Dashboards & Tools

See what you need to do quickly and effectively

We design custom portals, dashboards and tools that serve specific needs within organizations.

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How We Do It:

data technology


Better understand what’s really going on by looking at new and different indicators

Complex business problems require sophisticated algorithms and advanced analytics. Analytics created by Ph.D-level data scientists with backgrounds in statistics, mathematics, text analytics, and more. Analytics rooted in human and cognitive science to ensure the most confidence in the answers they provide.

We offer common analytics like volume and sentiment as well as quantitative measures such as likes, retweets, mentions and shares. Our sophistication and love for the industry lets go far beyond common to innovative and industry-leading. We offer advanced analytics such as emotion, opinion, trust, network influence, alignment, etc.

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data technology


One place to integrate, access and analyze ALL of your data

We use a big data approach to collect, index, analyze and store hundreds of millions of publicly available traditional and social media articles and posts from millions of sources around the globe every day.

To support our analysis, we also collect or identify a variety of metadata for each post or article, including author or site demographics, location, followers or reach, time stamps, and source details.

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